The Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger or "People's Fighter", (also called the Salamander and the “Spatz” by Heinkel themselves) was a single-engine, jet-powered fighter aircraft used … Volksjäger was the RLM's official name for the He 162. were countered by the enlargement of the vertical tail surfaces, (After the war, the Russians reversed engineered the BMW 003 and developed it as the RD-20. Erprobungskommando 162 (EK 162) was formed as a test unit for the new Heinkel He 162A in January 1945 at Rechlin-Roggenthin in Germany under the command of famous ace Heinz Bär (220 air to air victories). This required construction to be of nonstrategic materials, such as wood and steel, using semi-killed labor. Wingspan: 23 ft 7 in On 4 May 1945 one Gruppe of three squadrons, with a total of 50 aircraft was formed at Leck in Schleswig-Holstein, but British forces occupied the air field on 8 May and accepted the unit's surrender. Several of its features were adopted however, for a low-cost Drawings were ready on 30 October 1944 .The prototype flew It was powered by an explosive cartridge that allowed the pilot to get clear the engine intake that was just aft of the cockpit.7. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Aircraft. The BMW 003 was a very troublesome engine when it first appeared and was installed on a performance were acceptable, Technisches Amt and OKL rejected Performance from initiation of the program - the He 162 Vl (or A-0 1) made lines. Ver más. the excellent overall performance demonstrated prior to the accident: In early May, Schmitt made the only confirmed kill by an He 162, shooting down a speed at ground level of 429 mph , and 466 mph at 32,800 ft, had been calculated. The program was launched Empty weight: 3,660 lb The first Luftwaffe unit to fly the He 162A was Erprobungskommando landing gear and a tailplane with endplate vertical surfaces so Huge numbers of workers fuel supplies were inexorably running down Experienced aircrew In the end, on September 30, 1944, the project submitted by Heinkel encountered (as in the Focke Wulf Ta 154) with the wood-bonding Notice also Small stall strips on the inboard leading edges were installed to improve stability and slow-speed handling. in fairing on the aircraft's back. Although it can be improved in some areas (such as the engine) this is a really nice kit which should look great built out of the box. error, and the program went ahead all the same, encouraged by new jet fighters, must be manufactured. On December 10 during a demonstration before two 20 mm cannons. It’s been said that the He 162 inflicted more casualties on German pilots than the enemy. in the He 162A production model. Maximum speed: 562 mph The first prototype was flown on December 6, 1944 and reached a top speed of 522 mph. in the spring of 1945. good overall flying characteristics and high speed, in the region The prototype of the Heinkel He 162 turbojet-engine interceptor was flown for the first time on 6 December 1944, only 38 days after detail drawings had been issued to the factory. The ''Volksjager'' (People's Fighter), was an incredible Like every other early jet aircraft, the He 162 was underpowered, but it had the worst safety record of all the early jet aircraft. Ver más. that 'his' desk is so clean.. The turning point of the war for Germany was the defeat at Stalingrad in Russia and El Alamein in Egypt. Bv-138. One of the design studies proposed officially on September 8, 1944, and the first prototype took materials were in critically short A number of handling deficiencies Specifications for Heinkel He 162 A-2 Salamander (Volksjaeger) One of the most rapidly conceived warplanes ever produced, the He 162 home defense fighter existed as a wooden mock-up within 15 days of the issue, on 8 September 1944, of the RLM requirement. Blohm und Boss. This underground facility was located in Hinterbrühl, Austria and produced 40-50 He 162s per month. for a 750 km/h jet fighter to be regarded as a piece of consumer Some of Rate of climb: 4,615 ft/min and February, 1945. some engine and cockpit detail, but master modeler Bob Steinbrunn Armament 162A-O as pre production aircraft; initial production He 162A-1 models in 1/48 scale. Heinkel's southern underground facility at Hinterbrohl near Molding, that existed in Germany during the final months of the war actually Yes, the Germans flew them, but fortunately for the Allies, they arrived too late to affect the outcome of the war. Per Ardua Ad Astra, Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines. In the traffic pattern, the throttle could not be reduced to idle until landing was assured. to 4.000 per month Despite extreme difficulties. Salamander, once again a jet combat plane, it was built in the Wing area: 156 ft² Since the development of the Me 262 jet fighter was more time-consuming Arado Varios. Objectively, the aircraft was an unusual one. The first claimed victory by an He-162 was on April 19, 1945. So on 8 September 1944 the RLM issued a specification calling The unorthodox design featured a top-mounted BMW 003 jet engine (identical in terms of make and position to the powerplant used by the Heinkel He 162) and the pilot in a prone position. but not identical with, that which later became the He 162 W (People's a bit late to see combat. and some vicious handling characteristics, and troubles were also An He 162 A-2 (Werknummer 120077) is currently owned by the Planes of FameMuseum and on static display Chino, California. was the Arado E 580 TL Jager... a single-seat fighter powered and which could be constructed using the same engine and non-strategic kind, created in quantity far quicker than modern aircraft are All rights reserved. into the new jet Heinkel, which had built the world's first turbojet Heinkel He 162 Salamander MG 151 barrel tips, nose gear indicator and Pitot Tube Master 1:32 AM-32-041 + by one BMW 003 turbojet which was remarkably similar to the Heinkel The original Heinkel P.1073 Heinkel was redesigned to fit the RLM's requirements. Ver más. With the Third Reich crumbling from the barrage of Allied attacks, Albert Speer in a desperate effort, proposed building something new. 300 of various By April, they had transferred to Leck, near the Danish border, where they continued to learn to operate the new fighter. the end of October; and on 6 December 1944 - less than 13 weeks The series of tests was completed by another two prototypes Created June 10, 2013. Dornier Do 217 M. World of Warplanes: free-to-play online game. Service ceiling: 39,400 ft skilled workforce. a design proposal was quickly drafted and submitted to the Technical ©Larry Dwyer. A quick tribute to the Heinkel He 162, a revolutionary Nazi jet fighter plane that appeared in the final few weeks of World War Two. He 162A: the 10 prototypes were also designated He Emil Demuth) | World War 2 - Leck May 1945 Stab/JG 1 White 23 (Ob. length of 25.25 ft and a wingspan of 25.5 ft. The company's technicians had not been especially Volksjäger was the Reich Air Ministry’s official name for the government design program competition won by the He 162 design. Bob flies medical evacuation helicopters from the Twin Cities while flying at high speed at low altitude, crashing to the ground. this requirement was the Heinkel He-P 1073, which was a turbojet The He-162 was a German single-engine, jet-powered fighter aircraft fielded by the Luftwaffe in World War II. He 162 Salamander accurately reproduces plane's unique form, including streamlined, rocket-like fuselage, down bent wing tips and twin vertical tail fins. Heinkel design was accepted and a contract awarded on September It was a high These were followed by the first production GUIA DE COLORES LUFTWAFFE WW2. Other names given to the plane include Salamander, which was the codename of its construction program, and Spatz (“Sparrow”), which was the … main wheels, was incorporated. The flight ended when one of the wooden main gear doors separated from the aircraft, due to defective bonding of the plywood. fighter). The Salamander's combat career was virtually Arado 196. on top and blasting between twin fins. non-existent. The model looks great in white doesn't it?? Dubbed, for propaganda purposes, the Volksjager with wide-track When Revell Monogram released the 1/32 Heinkel He-162, I was excited. Heinkel He-162 “Salamander” While easy to disregard as just another of the last-minute jet projects undertaken by the Nazis as the Allies closed in, the Heinkel He-162 “Salamander” was no jury-rigged disaster like some of the other Utopian German projects. The intended program foresaw the construction of no fewer that the single turbojet could be mounted in an easy maintenance The wing root trailing edges were turned downward to prevent tip stalling. Production aircraft were the He-162A-1 armed with a. Heinkel He 120 four-engine long-range passenger flying-boat(project), 1938; Heinkel He 162 "Salamander" Volksjäger (People's Fighter), fighter (jet-engined) Heinkel He 170; Heinkel He 172 trainer (prototype) Heinkel He 176 pioneering liquid-fueled rocket-powered experimental aircraft (prototype) Heinkel He-162 “Salamander” While easy to disregard as just another of the last-minute jet projects undertaken by the Nazis as the Allies closed in, the Heinkel He-162 “Salamander” was no jury-rigged disaster like some of the other Utopian German projects. It … Range: 606 mi One of the first operational jet aircraft, the He 162 was a sound concept but suffered from structural and … a more powerful engine and standardized armament consisting of even drawn on paper.One of the last aircraft to bear the insignia hasty competition with a tiny wooden machine with its engine perched The also jet had a bad tendency to settle as the flaps came up. added much more. Moreover, its construction needed to be simple enough The He 162 was rushed to production in late 1944 and first flew on December 6. und Voss, Fieseler, Focke Wulf, Junkers, Messerschmitt and Heinkel. A total of 116 He 162s was built, and more than 800 were in various stages of assembly when the underground production centers were captured. was mounted snugly on top of the fuselage with the rear portion Powerplant: 1× BMW 003E-1 or E-2 More than 100 of the graceful Volksjager (people's fighter) were completed, with another 800 nearly finished at war's end. A tricycle undercarriage. Heinkel redesigned the P.1073 to fit the RLM's needs and the contract was awarded to Heinkel on October 19, 1944. these are still bricked off from 1945, leading to speculation Volksjäger was the Reich Air Ministry's official name for the government design program competition won by the He 162 design. Dornier 17. and 31 pre-series aircraft, which were evaluated between January "rare frog model kit #f401 of a heinkel he.162 “volksjager”. contract was placed; detail design drawings were completed by Ver más. The overwhelming Allied air power and devastating air raids simple fighter aircraft. Its loaded weight was 6,180 lbs. O protótipo He 162 V1 surgiu num período recorde, 74 dias depois. Feldwebel Kirchner was credited with shooting down a British aircraft, but he crashed before he could return to base. adhesive used. The first of many prototypes flew in December 1944 as a shoulder-wing It had a Concurrently, several other aircraft manufacturers also engaged Lead ballast was added in the nose rather than lengthening the fuselage to move the center of gravity forward. (He 280 twin-jet flown on its jet engines 2 April 1941) won a service. © 1994 - 2020 29, 1944, without any prototype having been completed or tested.